CLOSING BY EXORIA feat Ishiban and Kalki

Exoria goes for the first time to the Reggae Sun Ska ! Creators of Dub to Trance projects around Lyon FR, they have invited Ishiban and Kalki, both representing Exo Booking, to close the festival in a truly explosive way.

Ishiban is a young french artist, blending Dub, Stepper, and powerful industrial sounds. His first LP, Witches, published in 2018, is a perfect representation of his dark, deep and surprisingly fresh universe.

Kalki is from Lyon and produces a precise and effective progressive psytrance. He joins the label Techsafari Records in 2016, with which he’ll release several tracks that have reached the top 10 Beatport psytrance charts, like Japan or Lost In Space. He also produced with some of the most respected and promising names in the domain, such as Oddwave, Maïtika and Side Effects.