Born in 2013 at the mythical Booboo’zzz Club stage, the Booboo’zzz All Stars now have their own studio and their YouTube channel collects countless reggae covers of incredible quality, with ever-changing inspirations. A way of their own to design their productions, hailed by a large reggae audience, which has earned them many collaborations (Ben l’Oncle Soul, TAIRO, Ben Mazué, Flox, Volodia …).The band’s REGGAE BASHES have taken over the routes of this year’s festivals, led by Jon Jon and Oliver Smith; the promise of even more vibes live than in studio !!! At the occasion of the opening of France’s notorious Reggae Sun Ska, the Booboo’zzz All Stars will perform an unpublished set along with Nae, Joss Bari and Max Livio, 3 artists who played a key role in the making of Studio Reggae Bash’s History.

A captivating voice inspired by soul, rock, hip hop music and French song… catchy melodies sometimes revolted but always full of hope … Max Livio represents what is richest in the current French reggae. He collaborated in 2016 with the Booboo’zzz All Stars on Alain Bashung’s song « La Nuit Je Mens », and delivered a great reggae version that literally takes the guts.

Naë is a young neo-soul/R&B musician, who takes the liberty of not limiting herself to a single musical genre. Despite her young age as an artist, she is invited for many support acts, such as Patrice, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Lisa Stansfield, Naâman, Kimberose or even Eddy de Pretto… Her soul voice, backed by the Booboo’zzz All Stars, sounds to us like Chronixx or Sevana… enjoy !

Soul man influenced by the 90s R’n’B hip hop and the jamaican reggae of the 2000s, Joss Bari is an outstanding singer, at ease on stage as in the studio. After a reggae cover of OMI on the mythical Jerusalem Riddim he is noticed by Danakil and the Booboo’zzz All Stars who invite him on their respective shows.