Want to be a part of the «bicheur» team all year long and became a warrior volunteer?


The Reggae Sun Ska is not just about a week-end in August. Indeed, all year long, the Reggae Sun Ska association, the festival’s mother, organise a lot of events in Bordeaux and even beyond: especially in Medoc, but not only!


In this way, concerts, Reggae Sun Ska beach tour, expositions but also conferences, emerge all year long.


You want or you would like to participate in the organization, the promotion or the technic of those different events?

You want to become a real «bicheur» Sun Ska? Then contact us!

Send an e-mail to Morgane at: streetteam@reggaesunska.com and we will discuss that. 😉


Become a Reggae Sun Ska volunteer: 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August 2019 on the Nodris Domain in Vertheuil (Medoc)!

Next meet-up: end of April for the beginning of the inscriptions! Stay tuned!


There will be not so much to do, you will just have to complete the registration form.

Please stay concentrate and read yourself again before clicking on « i’m registered » at the end 🙂


WARNING! To avoid double, triple, tenfold registrations, once your registration form well completed, read yourself again, and click on «i’m registered». Then, a message on the website will inform you that your registration has been validated.

After that you will receive a confirmation by e-mail in the following 10 minutes. Think about checking the «spams» of your e-mail box just in case! If you have real difficulties during the registration, try to change your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome,…)


Here are the 4 main missions you will have to chose in the registration form:


  • RECEPTION: Bracelets, access control, VIP reception, flycom, information point, artists reception, Sun Ska kids, volunteers reception, action/prevention, car park,…


  • SALE: Ticketing, tokens, merchandising, bar…


  • LOGISTIC: Storehouse, set-up/disassembly, VIP area management, volunteers area management, space setting, signage, decoration,…


  • ECO SUN SKA: To be a great man for the planet, sensibilise people,…

Informations for the «Bicheurs» volunteers or the future ones.

(volunteers at Reggae Sun Ska Festival)

There are no real conditions but still a few, around one or two. 🙂

You juste have to be 18 or + and be available at least 4 days during the festival.

Of course, and as you can imagine, you have to be motivated, cool but flexible, funny but determined, in short: you have to get the «bicheur» spirit!


As a volunteer of the Reggae Sun Ska Festival, you will have a free access to the festival, to the volunteer’s camp ground (with WC and showers) and to the staff’s restaurant.


We leave registrations open untill the festival, but be careful because around may/june we already have all our teams completes.

After that you’ll receive an answer by e-mail mid-June.

Once the answers sent, we will send you a summary file with all the informations mid-July, especially about accommodation, access, restauration,… all the questions you could ask yourself, in fact!


Also a little remaining for all of you, volunteering is a crew, a strength, a mood 🙂

► If you want to watch all the concerts, enjoy the party non-stop, and chill…

Take your ticket and be part of the public!

► If you want to support the festival, see behind the scenes, be a part of a crew and give us a little bit of your time…

Register yourself here and become a volunteer!


If you still have questions, we are here to answer them!

Mogo : voles@reggaesunska.com

The registration form is in french, but if you have any comprehension problem or question, let us know and send us an e-mail at benevoles@reggaesunska.com, we will send you the english version.



The Reggae Sun Ska Crew.