Press accreditations

Thanks for being aware of the following conditions : (to help us organize your visit as best as we can !)

  • 2 accreditations tops per media will be delivered
  • If you’re 2 journalists working for the same media, thanks for completing one form by person.

When you’re accredited on the festival you’re engaged in transmitting to our PR copies of :

  • Special radio shows about the festival
  • Online publications about the festival
  • Pictures taken during the festival (the festival will ask the photographer for an authorization before using these)
  • Press releases about the festival

If nothing is done after the 2019 edition in spite of rules mentioned that you accepted, you’ll be exposed to a refusal for 2020 edition.

Accreditation includes :

  • Access to Press area and press conference.
  • Possibility to interview artists from the line-up (we’ll do our best to set up those depending on the artists’ schedules)
  • Access to the VIP area

WARNING : Interviews are to be requested through the following form:

Press and photo accreditations will be delivered at the festival’s entrance, at the “PRESS / VIP” counter.

Opening hours :

Friday : 10.00 am – 00.00 pm
Saturday : 02:00 pm – 00.00 am
Sunday : 02:00 pm – 10.00 pm

WARNING : Journalists holding a PHOTO PASS only will access the frontstage.
Audio & video captures authorizations will be sent later for each artist.
Incomplete applications won’t be considered.

Contact form

Demands which will be made after this date won’t be considered.
Thanks for your comprehension and collaboration.

Media Type (please tcheck the corresponding box)
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Which artists would you like to interview / photograph / film / record ?