3 days Pass : 88 € in location* / 101 € on the festival area

3 days Pass + Camping : 98 € in location* / 111 € on the festival area

1 day Pass : 34 € in location* / 40 € on the festival area

Only the Camping Pass (unique price for 1 to 3 days) : 10 €

*Excluding location costs

Infos/Reservations http://www.digitick.com/index-css5-assoreggaesunska-pg1.html

- Is there a ticketing office on the festival area ? 

Opening hours :

Friday : 12:00pm - 01:00am

Saturday : 02:00pm - 12:00am

Sunday : 02:00pm - 10:00pm

You have the possibility too to reserve your ticket online directly on our : TICKETING SECTION

- Is it possible to buy my ticket on the festival area at the day of the festival ?
Yes but it will depend if tickets are always in sale at that time.

- I bought my ticket in a ticketing agence but finally I won't come to the festival : can I be reimbursed ?
You'll have to contact the ticketing agence directly.

- Is there a reduced price for minors ?
No there is not but Reggae Sun Ska is free for children under 12 years. 



- At what time is the camping opening on August 5th ?

Camping is opening on august 4th at 10:00 am and will close on august 7th at 02:00PM. 

A green welcoming area with more than 10 hectares will be at your disposal just in front of the concerts area with all amenities (showers, toilets, catering ...).

Access is strictly reserved to the Camping Pass holders.
Camping Pass = 10€ unique price for 1/2/3 days. Available in pre order on the ticketing networks and on the festival area at the ticketing office.

You'll receive a bracelet against your Camping Pass at the entrance of the festival.

Camping is only reserved to people with that camping bracelet.

Savage camping is strictly forbidden outside the festival.

- I'm getting during the night are parkings accessible ?
Parkings are accessible during all the festival.

- I'm getting during the night : is the camping accessible ?

Camping is accessible during all the festival, if you have your Camping bracelet. If you don't have your Camping bracelet you'll have to wait until the opening of the ticketing office to have it.

Opening hours :

Friday : 12:00am - 01:00am

Saturday : 02:00pm - 12:00pm

Sunday : 02:00pm - 10:00pm

- I'm getting during the night : can I have my 3 days bracelets or may I have to wait until next day to have it ?
No you'll have to wait until next day and go to the bracelets tent to exchange your 3 days ticket to have the good bracelet.

Opening hours :

Friday : 12:00pm - 01:00am 

Saturday : 04:00pm - 12:00am

- When the camping close ?
Camping will close on Monday August 7th at 02:00pm. Please don't forget that cleaning is principally do by volunteers. Thanks think about it and clear your area. 



- Will information points be open 24h/24 and 3d/3d on the camping or at the entrance of the festival ?
One information point at your disposal :
- one at the entrance of the festival near the ticketing office

Information point is not accessible the all night.
But you'll always find somebody from the organisation or rescuers who will can inform you on the welcoming area.

- Can I bring my food and drink (included alcool) ?
Yes ! You can bring it out of the concerts area. On the concerts area only food is permitted but not cans.

- Where and when can I find food and drinks on the welcoming area ?
A bar (with just soft drinks) and food stands (breakfasts) will be at your disposal on the welcoming area.

- Is the welcoming area will be enlightened ?
Yes !

- Is savage camping authorized ?
No it's strictly forbidden.

- Will some free water points be available (drinking / not drinking water)
On the welcoming area and on the concert area water points are free. Showers are free in the welcoming area.

- Can I park my vehicle in the welcoming area ?
No : it's not permitted for saftey reasons.

- Can I use a diesel generation system ?
No it's strictly forbidden.

- Can I use a camping stove or do a barbecue ?
No it's strictly forbidden to use this kind of material and to introduce any type of flammable material on the welcoming area (petrol, methylated spirit ...)

- I have a 1 day Pass : have I a limited access to the welcoming area ?
For festival's goers who have a 1 day ticket they'll have to buy a camping pass in pre order or at the entrance of the festival.
Unique price : 10€ for 1/2 or 3 days.

- Is a waste collection and recycling systems established?
Yes since many years Reggae Sun Ska Festival separates the waste: recyclable products, glass and household waste. You have to know that festival is implanted on a sensitive site (Campus of Universitary Bordeaux Metropole) so we need all festival's visitors to be sensitive and involved on the waste management.
You'll can find more information on our ECO SUN SKA section.

- What are the means available to collect my waste?
Selective sorting systems will be easily accessible in all the festival site (parking, reception area, concerts area) to permit you a deposit of waste in the corresponding receivers. In each collect point you'll can depose recyclable products, glass and household waste. To facilitate that sorting bag trashes will be available with our Eco Sun Ska team trained by the association Les Connexions. 3 types of trash bags: green for the glass, yellow for recyclable products, and red for the household waste.
You'll can find more information on our ECO SUN SKA section.



- At what time parking is opening on Thursday?
Parking will be accessible from Friday August 4th at 10:00am. 

- Are there specific parkings for Vans and camping-cars ?
Trucks which need a B permis will be welcomed on the festival's parkings. Heavy trucks will have a specific parking. Their holders will can have a camping pass near this specific area to go to the sanitary area (toilets, showers, water points ...).

- Can I camp on a parking ?

- Are parkings enlighted ?
Yes in the passage area.

- Are parkings free ?
Yes !


- Is it possible to enter in the concerts area with food ?
Yes but glass and metal packaging are forbidden.

- Is it possible to enter in the concerts area with drinks ?

- Are animals authorized on the festival area ?
No, no matter in which place, it's totally forbidden.

- I'm a biker : can I leave my helter in a safe place and don't have it in hands all the day ?
Yes there is a deposit point at the entrance of the festival.



- What are the means of payment available to by drink consigns?
Payments can be made by credit card or cash.

- Consigns can serve to by some food or merchandising?
No it's just to buy drinks.

- Does consigns can be exchanged with money at the end of the festival if any remains?

- Can I use consigns from past year?

- Consigns can be used to buy food?



- Consigns can be used to buy food?

- I'm vegetarian: does specific stands will sale vegetarian food?
Yes there will be vegetarian food stands.



- Are plastic Reggae Sun Ska cups indispensable to buy drinks?

- How can I by cups?
When you'll command your first drink the price will be increased because of the cup you'll automatically receive.

- Can I give back my cup at the end of the festival and recover my money?


- Is there a special point for "found objects"?
"Found objects" will be at the information points.

- Will auditory protections be available?
Free auditory protections will be available at the information point and at the festival's bars. The action/prevention team will be there too to distribute some to you.

- Is it possible to buy some basic products on the festival site (soap, biscuits, hydrating towels...) ?
No but there many supermarkets near the festival area.

- Is it possible to buy cigarettes in the festival site?
No it's not, French law prohibits it.

- Will charging bas for mobiles phone be available?
Yes a stand will be at your disposal.

- Will wi-fi points be available ?
Yes a stand will be at your disposal.



- Which material is accepted in the concerts area?
All cameras are forbidden.


- Do signing sessions will be organized?
Yes some artists will participate to signing sessions at the Soulbeats Records stand.

- If so how can I know which artists and at what time?
A schedule display will be updated every day on the giant screen.



- Do services will be available (special parking, dedicated toilets on the reception area or near the stages) for persons with reduced mobility?
Yes there will be a private parking at the entry of the festival.
An adapted sanitary bloc (toilets and showers) will be available too.
And there will be a platform reserved to the persons with reduced mobility in the front of the stages.



- I want to be volunteer at Reggae Sun Ska Festival, what should I do?
You have to complete the volunteers' online form on our website www.reggaesunska.com

- I'm minor can I be a volunteer for Reggae Sun Ska Festival ?
No it's not possible.


Info : +33556091030

mail : info@reggaesunska.com