Eco Sun Ska

Since 2005, the Reggae Sun Ska has developed a large process of eco responsibility and a societal responsibility.

Culture and eco-citizenship

As all human activities manifestations like festivals have necessarily a significant impact on our environment.

When it's a big festival like the Reggae Sun Ska which received more than 70 000 visitors during 3 days in 2013, environmental influence is even more important. This festival is historically and voluntary based in Médoc which is a particularly and specific territory. The country is covered by one of the most famous and sensitive vineyards, and is full of protected zones with unique animals and vegetables and incomparable landscapes. .

Reggae Sun Ska is striving to include itself in a sustainable and respectful process to protect this territory while participating on its scale to its touristic and economic development through many actions named Eco Sun Ska. It's concerning various issues like festival's impact assessment on natural environment, transport, partnership with local economic and agricultural operators, or waste management amongst others

This Eco Sun Ska device started in 2005 in partnership with Meduli Nature association and Reggae Sun Ska became one of the precursors. Since then and every year the festival evaluates and improves his actions and experiments new ones. That's why our action is in continual evolution with success and failures but with always the objective to organize an event which respects its natural social and human environment.

Today the approach is totally integrated to the event's organization but all from the organizers to visitors, providers and volunteers must have the will to act with an "eco responsibility way".

Focus on some actions in 2016 to which visitors can act:

(and for which we thank you in advance)

Waste Management :

Since many years Reggae Sun Ska is working with Les Connexions association for the waste management. The objective of this partnership is not to provide a garbage collection or cleaning process but to propose an accessible sorting device for everyone.

In 2015 festival created more than 40 tons of waste, which represents more than 1kg per person and per day. A significant proportion of these waste can and must be recycled.

Collect points are available to the visitors in each festival's zone, trash bags are distributed, and a team of 90 volunteers participates to that process.

To permit that each all festival's actors from organizers to visitors and volunteers must sincerely be engaged in that action.

And for that some simple acts can be sufficient: think about regularly separate and dump wastes in appropriate trash bags, to close that trash bags when it's full and to depose it in the appropriate receivers available on the all festival's site. At the end of the festival if you can take 5 or 10 minutes to clean your little life area it can make a big difference.

It's a fact: we cannot leave the festival's site as it was last year !

Public Transport :

Transport can represent 90% of CO2 emission in the festival's atmosphere. Only the visitors' movements represent more than 85% of the emissions. That's why we invite you to use collective transport like trains, bus or carpool.

As well as Reggae Sun Ska works with several transport partners to propose a convenient package adapted and economically viable for everyone.

And don't forget that you'll share this transport with their daily users, thank you for respecting their presence.

See the alternative and ecologic means of transport


Natural human and economic environment

Reggae Sun Ska is established in a territory and it's important to respect it. All around the festival's site you'll find natural and protected spaces, vineyards, residential areas, companies...

Festival must be integrated as best as possible among that "neighbours" and a mutual respect is necessary between all the components of that territory.

That's why the festival make provides to its visitors parking, rest areas, toilets and trash bags.

So we want to avoid "wild" parking and " wild "camping outside the festival's area, "wild" garbage storage and toilets which are harmful to everyone.

Thank you and have a good festival !